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Norma Schmansky, President

Norma Schmansky has served as president of the Delaware County Democratic Women’s Club since its origin in 2004. She has worked six presidential campaigns, most recently as Chair the for Delaware County Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016 under the Ohio Women’s caucus. She holds a Master’s of Science degree in Nursing with  a Specialty in Community Health and Prevention. Norma worked as an RN for more than 15 years in medical, surgical and community nursing as well as holding a position as  the Manager of Health Services at Borden Corp in Columbus for 5 years as an Occupational nurse specialist. She will tell you that politics is her passion.



The Delaware County Democratic Women’s Club is organized into committees which focus on specific realms of work. All need members. Below is an abbreviated overview of responsibilities held by each committee.

Activities – Arrange and plan activities, arrange meeting places.

Finance – oversee expenses, determine where contributions are spent.

Membership – place notices in public media for club recruitment, manage membership list.

Education – solicit speakers to speak on current issues at forums held by the Club, develop talking points members can use when involved in political discussions.

Legislative – monitor Delaware County issues, attend county central committee meetings, meet with representatives of varied other Democratic
groups and support issue groups that mirror our values.