History of the Club

First Meeting of the Club Nov. 19th 2004

The club was formed with much excitement in 2004, as a way to communicate with women on their thoughts about the issues of the day. Often there was a difference in views from their husbands. They were especially concerned about the Iraq war and the war in Afghanistan. There had been a club before this one but that had ceased to exist several years before. Initially, this club was called the Powell Area Democratic Women’s club but Kim Spangler ,who was serving as Delaware county chair at the time, thought it should be offered to all in the county even though it has mostly attracted people from the southern part of the county through the years.

Several people would also aide the county and at that time we staffed the office for the John Kerry presidential campaign. Club membership ebbs and flows. Presidential years always produce more interest and wanting to help. We often would get R wives who would say things like “I didn’t tell my husband” I was coming here. Some would bring their daughters.

The club is open to Democratic women residing in Delaware County, Ohio. We seek those who have in their hearts a willingness to promote inclusiveness and is concerned with the ordinary person who may not have a strong voice in the democratic process. A friendly welcome to those that embrace these values and share feelings of love for the Democratic Party. The Club is actively seeking members and officers, and can greatly use the experience of women who have previously been active in the Democratic Party.

The Club’s first immediate goal is to educate new members on the philosophy of the Democratic party.

– Norma Schmansky, President

John Edwards Kerry Party, 2004

jeannine's kerry edwards party on 072904 013

Town Hall Forum, October 2016


The club organized and presented a Town Hall Forum in October 2016, featuring experts in fields which Democrats are passionate about.

Phone Campaigns for Hillary, Summer, 2016

the phone group for hillary 2016

So many phone calls! Enlisting volunteer Democrats for Hillary campaign work.

We’re Ready for Hillary, 2016

ready for hillary gathering for photo shoot primary 2016

Preparation for photo shoot, Fall of 2016

Hillary Campaign Primary Office, Downtown Delaware, Ohio

Hillary Primary office

Downtown, Delaware, Ohio. Newly rented store space serves as call center, workspace, and greeting place.

Writing Postcards to Voters, October 2016

Postcards to Voters

We met at Norma’s house to write out hundreds of postcards to registered voters in Delaware County, entreating them to go out and vote in the upcoming election.