The Ohio Democratic Party’s Women’s Caucus

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The Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus works in full partnership with the Ohio Democratic Party to:

Educate, empower and energize Democratic women. Recruit and train women to run for office, increase women’s leadership roles and to elect Democrats at the local, state and national level.
The Ohio Democratic Party’s Women’s Caucus is a statewide caucus with membership that includes
ALL Democratic Women’s groups:
County and regional Democratic Women’s Caucus
Local Democratic Federated Women’s Clubs
City and regional Democratic women’s groups
Democratic candidate women activist groups
Progressive women’s groups working to elect Democrats
The caucus builds a strong networking infrastructure of support for Democratic candidates by:  Developing informational programs on issues important to women and families.  Providing educational trainings and workshops.  Facilitating statewide and regional networking opportunities.   Mobilizing and take action on issues that impact: Equality, Economic Justice, Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights, Education, Diversity and Voters Rights.  Supporting and Electing DEMOCRATS up and down the ballot!
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